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Life Matters

Life Matters: Money Matters for Individuals going through Life Transitions.

Knowledge is powerful. Sharon Ascencio brings you powerful insight to gain control over your financial affairs by establishing systems for monitoring and budgeting. You'll achieve a clear cut understanding of your finances that ensures stability and true peace of mind.

Whether you're new to managing your family's finance, experiencing life transitions like loss of a spouse, career change, or approaching retirement, Sharon's devotion and compassionate services takes the mystery out of finance.

Offering patient counsel, Sharon helps you assess and even anticipate your needs or objectives - short or long term. She creates systems allowing you to track your cash flow, expenses and budgets to avoid costly mistakes, manage debt, and reconcile bank accounts. If you've not managed family finance, she'll help you read investment statements, track investment gains and losses and set up bookkeeping systems to simplify tax preparation as well as prepare information for financial advisors or legacy planning , if needed.

She'll set up and teach you to use programs like Quicken or Quickbooks to self-manage family finance. No time? She'll manage it for you so you can relax and enjoy life's full potential. With decades of experience delivering these same financial and bookkeeping systems & services to many businesses, Sharon brings the savvy to untangle complex finance. Personally, her compassion, grace and understanding of maturing generations inspires her to teach widows or families to take back control and power over the financial area of their lives.

Sharon's beliefs are exemplified through her past support and caring nature by offering Hospice bereavement services through East Bay Hospice.